A new trailer has revealed the Battle Chef Brigade release date as 20th November 2017. Published by Adult Swim and developed by Trinket Games, the game combines side-scrolling combat with puzzle board style cooking.

View the trailer for yourself below!

As the title suggests, Battle Chef Brigade sees you undertaking hardcore, dangerous cook-offs in order to win the favour of a panel of judges. You’ll need to kill ferocious beasts, and then cook them properly in order to do so.

With some clear anime inspiration, the concept is reminiscent of the likes of shonen cooking manga/anime such as Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma or Toriko. Game-wise, the cooking looks like it has a touch of some of Atelier’s more recent alchemy systems.

It’s great to see original cool concepts making their way to Switch, especially as console exclusives. It seems like Switch will be a great home for Battle Chef Brigade!

Battle Chef Brigade releases on Nintendo Switch on 20th November 2017, and will also be coming to PC.