The Pokémon Company have released a video showcasing a brand new Mimikyu exclusive Z-move, named “Let’s Snuggle Forever” in English, and “Poka-Boka Friend Time” in Japanese. It’ll be available in the soon to be released Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

You can take a look at the Z-move for yourself below.

Mimikyu plays a big role in the Pokémon Sun & Moon tie-in anime series, and was one of the more iconic Pokémon in the build up to, and post-release, of the new Pokémon generation. But this is the first time the ghoulish pocket monster pal will have an exclusive Z-move to call its own.

Granted by giving Mimikyu the aptly named Mimikium Z Z-Crystal, it’s an apparently more powerful alternative to Twinkle Tackle or Never-Ending Nightmare — the Fairy type and Ghost type generic Z-moves respectively.

New Mimikyu Exclusive Z-Move "Let's Snuggle Forever" Unveiled 1

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon both release on 17th November 2017 worldwide for Nintendo 3DS.