First unveiled by the Japanese Nintendo Twitter account, the new weapon to join Splatoon 2’s updating arsenal of paintastic items is the Inkbrush Nouveau.

As with the first Splatoon, Nintendo are continuing to constantly update the sequel with new weapons and items to tweak how you can play the game.

The Inkbrush Nouveau shares the same stats as the standard Inkbrush, with the main difference being the sub-weapon and special loadouts, that will chance your approach to the Inkbrush.

It comes with an ink mine sub-weapon, and the baller special.

Inkbrush aficionados will need to take a little while to think of the best approach for this new tool, but it may introduce some interesting variations on what to expect for the quick and powerful-in-close-quarters Inkbrush weapon type.

Splatoon 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch. The Inkbrush Nouveau should be available right now in all regions.